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  • Variety of Genre - What is Your Type of Music

    Variety of Genre - What is Your Type of Music

    With different personalities and various perspectives in everyday life, we have our own choice of music. Not to mention that we have a constantly changing mood swings. If you are uncertain which genre to like then you are probably missing a great deal. Here are a few of the very popular genres in the music industry today.

    Classical Music- This is not a new type of music for you personally probably. The majority of the artists who made this genre popular are already gone from earth. This is the way impacting it got once we still live by the legacy of these great musicians. This type of music should be the most relaxing and motivating. In case your need to learn to be a classical musician, you've got a tough job to do. It requires high musical talents and skills. Thus, you ought to be able to sustain the emotions that make the music flow and more importantly, you ought to be able to collaborate along with other musicians. Even though it requires the talent and skill to do classical piece, you can undergo a rigorous training that will let you learn the abilities.


    Jazz Music- This is not a brand new genre as well. It's been in the market for nearly a hundred years now. It is a type of music that signifies relaxation. It's used distinct music instruments such as the clarinet, violin and trumpet. It is shown to relieve stress; a free flowing kind of music that will sooth every single mood. It's best in getting to your soul through your heart.

    Pop Music- This is probably the most popular genre these days. It has formed various sub-genres that have become popular in the air waves. It relates to the masses easily. The content it conveys are usually the events from the present time. It can easily be remembered after a series of being played. It contain varieties of everywhere notes that let people sing along.

    Country Songs- Based on where you are located, there will be a unique country song for you. Popularized in the southern area of the country, it's spread its influence especially when it was mixed with other genre that introduced another rhythm. People can easily connect with country songs. It is observed to be appealing to patriotism. It makes us want to remember the native culture from the old times.

    Rock Music- Before the metal and the hip-hip music, there was a kind of music that captivated the interest of the masses. Indeed, rock music has carried its own legacy through generations. Although some genres have been based on its style, rock music can still be distinguished from any different kind of music. It invites energy and reactions.


    With this list of the most popular genres, you ought to be able to decide which to love. You will find other genres which are just like or a mixture of these genres. The strength of music manifests on these kinds of music. It represents every generation in our time. It has united us in some ways and will continue to motivate us.

    Added by Ariana & Henderson on Fri, Jul 6th 2012